The Singing Pub

Atlantic Drive

Things you could never get boring along the Atlantic Drive as the coasted scenery is truly amazing. The long golden beaches speak for themselves and are a great and wonderful escape for the whole family. The summer days here are truly wonderful but there is nothing like feeling a cold breeze on our Wild Atlantic Drive at the height of Winter. Downings offers a number of activities for kids from horse-riding, indoor play arena and a indoor swimming pool, crazy golf and a pitch in putt or for the more mature golfer there is the Rosapenna Golf Club which is an exceptional course with beautiful surroundings. There is a local diving school and all the water sport lessons are available during the Summer months. Dowings and Atlantic Drive are definitely a spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Letterkenny is a busy thriving hub of retail and commerce just 25 minutes away by car if you want to indulge in some retail therapy

Being a seasonal business, when things quieten down the local community keep the craic going and lots of the visitors look forward to coming back to meet their old friends. A committee has been set up to keep the place as unspoiled as possible and to attract encourage tourists to keep returing to the area. It is important to mention that the Irish language (Gaelic) is the first language of most of the locals and a now famous local saying in sibn ceoil. “Ma ta Gaelic agat leabhar”.

Recently the car park has been extended to cater for camping, motor-home and touring caravans with toilet facilities and plug-in points.